Personal Training with 17 Day Diet

A female friend who is a personal trainer told me that new research has shown that walking for periods of an hour or more signals the body to lose weight. I can not vouch for this, but for the last 1/2 of 2006 I walked 4 miles a day and was the skinniest I had been in a while. Also a few years ago, while I was going through a vegetarian phase, my friends told me I looked freakishly skinny. My weight philosophy is to not have a scale, so I don’t freak out about numbers, and to try to eat healthy and get some exercise. Learn more at and weight fluctuates seasonally and when clothes get too tight I just eat less and exercise more for a couple of months. I thnk a healthy approach to 17 day dieting is as important as a healthy 17 day diet. What worked for me was first starting on Nutrisystem (and following it, damn it), and after establishing that for a month or so, then working out 1.5 hours a day for 5 days a week: 30 minutes weights/machines, 60 minutes cardio (split between bike and swimming laps). 35 pounds in about 3 months. Edit: Another 20 pounds in another 2 months. This shit ain’t easy, but it’s worth it. offline Joined: Mon, Jun 11 2007 Posts: 40 Find More Posts From this userFind More Posts from this user in this forum For me personally and for most of my friends the best weight lost system ever is weightwatchers. You can eat everything, and only thing you need to do is count points. I’ve lost some weight even eating at Mcdonalds…That’s pseudo weight loss, you’re not changing your habits. What do you think will happen when you stop counting points but keep eating crap? That’s right old boy, you’re going to revert back to looking like crap. I know. Cuz it’s not a short time 17 day diet. I’m sticking to their rules for over 2 years now, and have no problems with my weight since then. New to site, first post but was drawed to it because I am a personal trainer from the states. Havent checked out the hypnosis stuff with eating ubt imagine it is very helpfull. As far as the originall post, have a good body is a sacrafice man. Either you want a fit body more than you want to go out everynight and drink, or you go out and enjoy yourself. Ask yourself what is it that is preventing you from haveing a structured life. I have a structured like and party at least 3 nights a week and thats more than drinking partying. If you say you have a lack of energy, then why are you still drinking. Get all this under control and your body will follow. As far as nutrition goes you seem to be on target. The post about dairy being bad is so correct, to add I would suggest yogurt like you said, it has probiotics, good bacteria that help you digest food, I would personally cut out red meat. Lighter protiens are much better on your body, ie chicken turkey and fish. watch the tuna and others for mercury poisining though. any questions feel free to ask. Learn more at

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