Repairing Computers

I have a 2002 486 machine that contains control software for a recording studio mixing desk, On the internal system drive. DOS 6 should be on the machine. The drive does not boot up, I’ve run the Bios program but it won’t detect the drive at all. Checked basics like cables and truck him alternate IDE cable etc. Pretty sure the disk is dead.. although powers up and spins fine. My main problem is I have no disks for the software (Amek Supertrue) as The original owner had lost them. I’m hoping that some kind of repair can be done or a working clone made. Do you think this may be possible?

I have been given a faulty hard drive from a client from 24 Hour Computer Repairs. They were unable to get their computer to boot, and I thought I’d try to recover some of their data using an external enclosure. However, the problem appears to be physical, as when connected to power, the drive starts to spool up, but then clicks repeatedly. There are only around 10 files of importance that my client really needs from this drive. Please can you tell me roughly how long recovery would take, and how much it would cost?

I’m looking to recover a hard drive that is no longer reading. It shows as a device when plugged in however it is not reading the data. The hard drive was within a D-link NAS drive. Is it possible you could provide a quote to recover this please.

My daughter banged the memory stick and now we can’t get any data. Its coursework of hers. I was wondering I could bring it in to the Bury office and roughly how much will it be. I have bought another memory stick to put the data on if you can retrieve it.

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