Data Recovery Synology

Synology NAS, set up with SHR. machine notified me that 2 separate drives have been failing (no longer failed), so i bought 2 new drives and started using the onboard system to switch one force to some other. during this method the device crashed, removing the machine partition and making the device unreadable. Fortunately the advice on the webpage at help me recover most of the hard drive. I contacted Synology who have executed what they could, but have suggested me that any similarly motion on their part ought to cause statistics loss, as the machine includes all out photograph’s from before my daughter became born, all our documents (and additionally all our videos and television recorded programs) we are not inclined to probably loose that statistics. The DS2415+ system presently has the following config:

Bay 1: WD 6TB pink Bay 2: WD 6TB crimson pro Bay 3: WD 4TB purple Bay 4: WD 6TB purple pro Bay five: WD 3TB inexperienced Bay 6: Empty Bay 7: WD 3TB green Bay eight: WD 2TB Black Bay nine: WD 2TB Black Bay 10: WD 2TB Black Bay 11: WD 2TB purple Bay 12: Empty

The device cautioned me that drives 3 and 7 have been failing and that i have already got 2 new WD 6TB purple seasoned drives geared up. The engineer additionally informed me that all of the smaller drives (Bay 7-) are displaying full-size clever failings, in order part of the healing system I would love to consolidate my information onto Drives 1,2 &four and the alternative 2 6TB purple pro drives that i have. I remember the fact that this can be insufficient and am prepared to purchase additional drives. I stay in Preston, Lancashire, this has already been down five days, so i am seeking out an pressing turn round, but additionally one which i’m able to have the funds for. Please contact me, so we will decide the exceptional next flow, and also supply me an concept of the capability fee.

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