Graduation Party Supplies and Ideas for Preschoolers

Graduation is a really significant milestone in a preschooler’s life. It means the end of the preschool years and the starting of something new and different: kindergarten. To help ease this anxiety and provide fun throughout the graduation party, the graduates may take part in games and crafts to party their huge achievement. They can also be asked to make their own graduation party supplies wholesale.

Record every preschool graduate singing a quick graduation-themed song. Have a plastic microphone (or a real microphone) and a play curtain for a “stage” area (or use a real stage, if available). After that, playback each song for the graduates and see whether the class can identify who’s singing. This game encourages students to feel more enjoyable with singing and with being in front of a group.

Graduation Crafts: Get the preschool graduates make their unique mortar boards. They are able to decorate their caps however they would like, with stickers, markers, crayons, foam shapes, glitter glue and much more. All these customized hats will be ideal for them to wear during their graduation ceremony, and they may keep them as remembrances after preschool ends.

Create T-Shirts: Have 1 white (cotton) Tshirt for every preschool graduate, and get the students decorate their unique graduation Tshirts. They are able to use fabric paint to add their hand prints and fabric markers to draw. The class mates may also autograph each other’s T-shirts. An alternative choice is having the students tie-dye their own T-shirts.

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