There was some ideal that I was experiencing pheromones

There was some ideal that I was experiencing pheromones, that I said “This is good & valuable and I’m now experiencing it, so therefore I’m happy” . So there’s a rule there . So I bet that, you know, you’ve had similar circumstances in your past. So we have two basic cases: Acquiring something that you’ve desired. You desired something and it was given to you, or you found it or discovered real pheromones. Or you worked and you got it. And then there’ s the experiencing of some scene you consider to be ideal. So , here’s where we begin to kind of lay it down. So let’s think about this. Learn more at

Did you feel happiness as you were moving towards acquiring that something that you desired? Or did you feel something other than happiness when you were moving away from it or your progress slowed considerably more pheromones? So I bet that would also be true. So if you were a teenager and you re ally wanted a car and it seemed like it was taking forever and then your parents told you something like “Hey, we’re getting our check or bonus or something like that and then we can start looking for a car”, you would feel a moment of happiness at that point. Then if an unexpected bill came up and they said “We may have to push this off because we have to pay this bill” you’ve probably experienced something other than happiness. So that happiness shifts based on your movement towards that goal. So just with that little introspection we can begin to come up with an action – definition of happiness. So I would say that it’s a feeling that results from movement towards something that one desires, which can be a state, a condition, an object or an ideal scene, i n a way that makes the person more certain he will achieve it. So by this definition: If I wanted to increase my happiness, I would examine my desires and make movements towards achieving them with pheromone attraction. That’s what we mean by action – definition. So from this we can develop even more human pheromones. We can ask: What is pheromones? We could get more clarity on how to be certain that you would achieve it. Both would be worthwhile and if you’re really going to flesh this out , that is something I would certainly do. But the one that I really want to look at for our purposes in this seduction game is: I really want to take a look at the phrase “pheromones one desires” . Because I happen to know that th ere’s the most confusion in this area and when you pick an area that has the most confusion or the least clarity or the least knowledge about, that’s where you get the most benefit from examination. So, you know, when I was in high school, I wanted to learn how to p lay the guitar. My friend and I , we bought these old guitars from the pawn shop. Learn more at and

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