Does quality influence the buying decision in case of plastic dinnerware sets?

Plastic dinnerware sets amongst all the other products made from plastic suffers from the obvious problems plaguing this industry, which is the lack of a standard quality. Most good brands have a steady quality control unit, which will take matters into their own hands and bring out a good quality product. But people seldom look to purchase the costly plastic dinnerware sets. They base their preference on the products that are affordable which in this case would be the mid-range plastic dinnerware sets.

However, some of the brands have brought out plastic dinnerware sets which can easily break upon impact with the floor or with any hard object. This is the reason why there is a negative campaign going on about the use of the Plastic dinnerware sets. While this is disheartening, it also lays to bare certain facts like the adherence to quality and the diligence of the customer in question.

If the customer stuck to only purchasing from good brands, they would not have to face such problems. If the quality of the plastic dinnerware sets does suffer they have a dedicated customer care executive to solve their grievances. The same cannot be told of the mid range plastic dinnerware sets that are purchased at bargain prices.

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