romantic love pheromones

To experience the physical type of love pheromones, it’s more an exercise of letting yourself go and losing your inhibitions than anything else. In my own life, I find that feeling passionate and experiencing a high sex drive is really just about being present so that I can feel my man’s polarity. See, in the beginning, we feel all the polarity and the sex drive because it’s all new and exciting. Over time, however, we forget. We forget how to get back in to that state when we become comfortable and attachment love takes over. 
I don’t have to teach you how to be physical with a man, but the key point here is to let your instinctive desires really come through instead of having to tone down all your deep desires and fantasies and controlling everything you do. Most women (and people in general) have gotten really good at toning down the natural animal instincts of pheromone attraction. 
And in many ways, we have to in order to fit in and survive in this society. If you display too much desire and instinctive drive, people start to dislike you. In fact, as a woman, if you’re merely just attractive and flaunt your reproductive value in the slightest, you can attract animosity and hatred in other women, right? I know you have experienced this. Women are often the nastiest and most horrible to other attractive women who adores pheromones. 
But you have to let yourself go and fully experience your own desires and let your own reproductive value shine through. In order to experience your full self, you will have to learn to let go of all your inhibitions that you have built up probably throughout your entire life of using pheromones. Learn more at and
 Most of us women have learnt that sex is bad or ‘dirty’ or even enjoying yourself is a terrible thing and you should be condemned. (Funny; the women who preach that are always miserable themselves). So the whole point here is to unleash your own inner sex kitten and just let yourself be wild. Not all the time, but certain times. Of course you don’t want to be wild all the time, that’s called inappropriate. But you at least want the ability to tap into that wild sex kitten when the time is right. Learn more at 
Now at the top of the pyramid is romantic love pheromones. This is something that will take you the most effort and energy long term, but it will also the most rewarding and the most exciting. When you’ve established some sort of connection in your relationship, and you know that the physical love is there and not held back, then romantic love has the best probability of showing up. And once you can tap in to your own feelings of desire and also bring out your own feminine energy (which we talked about in the last volume of ACM), you will have all the resources to build romantic love and attraction with a man. Remember, romantic love is all about the process of courting. So you have to practice your mating dance, and learn to flirt with men. Romantic love is all about building tension and anticipation. They are the fuel. So here we are some strategies for creating and maintaining romantic love and attraction: 1) Allow time and space between you two being together.

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